Race Format - Kyhv Peak

May 31st and June 1st, 2024

 The Kyhv Peak Race Format

Complete as many laps up Rock Canyon to the summit of Kyhv Peak and back as possible! Whether it’s one lap or eleven, test yourself and have a blast on Provo’s favorite winter and spring peak and most popular trail while taking a stand in the fight for improved air quality.


24 Hour – Friday, February 9th, 6:00pm to 6:00 PM Saturday

6 Hour “Date Night” – Friday, February 9th, 6:00pm to Midnight 

3 Hour – Friday, February 9th, 6:00pm to 9:00pm

12 Hour – Saturday, February 10th, 6:00am to 6pm

6 Hour Morning – Saturday, February 10th, 6:00am to 12pm 

3 Hour – Saturday, February 10th, 6:00am to 9:00am

6 Hour Afternoon – Saturday, February 10th, 12:00pm to 6pm  

3 Hour – Saturday, February 10th, 12:00pm to 3pm

24 Hour Four or Two Person Relay – Friday, February 9th, 6:00pm to 6:00 PM Saturday

12 Hour Two Person Relay – Saturday, February 10th, 6:00am to 6pm 


Race check in for each event will be at the Rock Canyon Park located at 2620 N 1200 E, Provo, Pavilion 4 and will close 15 minutes before the start.

  • Friday 5-5:45pm for the 24-hour, 6-hour “Date Night,” and the 3-hour events 
  • Saturday 5-5:45am for the 12-hour, 6-hour and 3-hour  events 
  • Saturday 11–11:45am for the 6-hour and 3-hour afternoon events



Results from the ALL events (3, 6, 12 and 24 hours) will be sorted first, by number of laps and second, by total elapsed time. Only full laps will be counted when finished within the allotted time period.

Note: the 3 and 6 hour events are run in multiple heats, so in order to be the overall winner, you must run more laps faster than all the runners in each heat.

We are please that OpenSplitTime will provide event timing once again. Updates will be posted every few minutes to OpenSplitTime.org. Runners must check in with a timer when starting a lap, at the summit checkpoint and when completing a lap. 


Runners must inform event timers or a race director when they have complete their last lap. 



The Base Aid Station will be fully stocked with fruit, snacks, chips, pickles, candy, pretzels, cookies, hot chocolate, coffee, coke, ramen soup, miso soup, quesadillas, hash browns and bacon.  Gnarly Nutrition is again providing electrolyte drink for all runners.

The summit checkpoint is not an aid station, but just a check point. Runners must carry enough food water for the 7.8 round trip loop. 



We will have a porta potty close to the start/finish area, but there are very nice new Flushing bathrooms approximately 0.1 of a mile to the North of the Start/Finish area.  No bathrooms are available on the trail. 



The only cutoff time is leaving the pavilion with no less time than it took to complete your last lap.  For example, if your last lap took 2 hours  to complete you will not be allowed to leave the Aid Station after 4:00 PM Saturday.

All runners need to notify the Aid Station timer upon finishing their final lap in the allotted time. If a runner chooses to stop early, they also need to let the aid station captain that they are done. From this point they are on their own and may choose to hang around the aid station to cheer on other runners or head home.


Pacers are not allowed.  If you need a pacer, sign them up for a 12 or 6 hour events. The only exception is for runners 65 years old or older, which may have a pacer.   


Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash while within Provo City Limits (West of the Green Gate).  You are responsible for your pets.


Parking is available in the dirt/asphalt lot at the Southwest corner of Rock Canyon Park nearest the Start/Finish area at Pavilion 4.  Parking may be limited, so please consider carpooling, walking or biking to the event if possible. 

EV Charging Stations

There are four EV Charging Stations at the EV Charging Northwest side of the Park.